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  • Amanda Paterson

11 Surefire Ways to Improve Headlines

1) Size matters - keep headlines around 40-70 characters and 6-9 words

2) Don't use periods - our brains are programmed to stop reading after a period

3) Use numbers - but not round numbers (they're too common)! 11... 6.... 21... 9...

4) Use lists - 11 tips for... 6 ways to... 21 ideas for...

5) Write How To statements that promise a solution - "How To ___ That Will Help You ____"

6) Publish a short client testimonial

7) Get personal and demonstrate how YOU've found success - "How I lost over 30 pounds in 2016"

8) Integrate Power and Emotional words such as: breakthrough, confessions, devastating, eye-opening, gift, lavishly, remarkable, six-figure, spotlight, vulnerable

9) Use a mixture of common short words and uncommon robust words - it keeps our brains intrigued

10) Include a time frame - "Gain 1001 New E-mail Subscribers in 3 Weeks"

11) Try out a headline analysis tool - they're not concrete but they help you think more critically of your headlines (and they're fun to play with too)! (totally free) (this one makes you enter your name and email but is otherwise free)

Do you have any other tips? Would love to hear them in the comments!

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