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  • Amanda Paterson

Eyebrows: Your Guide to Marketing

Eyebrows. What do they have to do with marketing? What I'm about to tell you will change the way you look and think about eyebrows... I can't believe I've never thought of this before - but it works and it's pure genius. So now I'll share it with you.

According to Ziprecruiter CEO and Co-founder Ian Siegel...

Do the "Eyebrow Test". Describe your business to someone in one paragraph or less, and focus (really focus) on their eyebrows. We have an uncontrollable reaction with our eyebrows. When we like something, they go up... When we don't like something, they scrunch. Eyebrows never lie. If you're not regularly seeing raised eyebrows, you're not hitting the mark. Pivot your product/service and try again."

I heard this on Seth Godin's amazing new podcast "Akimbo" (found wherever you search for Podcasts). Seth is a marketing legend and shares some profound insights.

Have you heard of Ziprecruiter? It's an online resource allowing you to easily post jobs across multiple sites/platforms and fill vacancies quickly. Several of my clients have shared positive experiences with Ziprecruiter. Maybe they'll be a good fit for you.

I'll never look at eyebrows the same again.

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