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  • Amanda Paterson

Can I Learn to be Creative?

Curiosity may kill the cat, but continuing to be curious throughout our lifetime is what helps us advance. Curiosity keeps us creative.

In the May 30th episode from Seth Godin's podcast "Akimbo", Godin tells this story (paraphrased)...

In an Ethiopian village located 11,000' above sea level, young children had never once been exposed to technology.

Six years ago, the founder of Wired Magazine dropped off a box full of tablets at this village - with NO instructions. Every week his team swapped out the memory cards to learn what the kids were doing with the tablets.

The findings as quoted from the podcast:

"I thought the kids would play with the boxes, but within 4 minutes, a kid had found the on/off switch and started to explore.

Soon, each child was using 47 apps per day. Within 2 weeks, singing their ABCs... and within 5 months, the kids had taught themselves how to use a camera and how to read."

How is this possible?

Godin says "It's the attitude of the student. It's being inquisitive. Learning because you WANT to learn."

I believe the same is true for creativity. If you believe you're not creative, it's because you're not willing to try.

Whether it's a village of children learning to read, or a boardroom of executives trying to problem-solve... Be inquisitive. Be open. Be willing to try new things and ask new questions.

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