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graphic design & branding specialist

Amanda Paterson of Calgary

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Hi, I'm Amanda! If one thing gets me going, it's working with like-minded individuals who are driven to be different. You work hard to make your company stand out, and you won't settle for 'just anybody' touching your stuff. 

I get it. I'm like that too. 

That's why I insist on a consultation before we kick off any project. It allows both of us to make sure we're a good fit. You've got to trust me, and I want to know more about your team and what makes you tick.

4 Ways Amanda Brings Incredible Value:

ONE: I am going to help you think differently and brainstorm creative tactics to help you grow your company even more


TWO: Your marketing projects come together easier than you thought. I listen and ask lots of questions during kickoffs so your first drafts are often close to final.


THREE: I wear many hats and my network of contractors will fill in the gaps when needed. I will help you navigate what marketing initiatives are poised to bring the best results:

  • Corporate branding workshops

  • PowerPoint presentation design services

  • Create LinkedIn company & personal page optimization

  • Brochure writer and designer

  • MS Word template expert

  • Industrial photography

  • Writing whitepapers

  • Designing and writing client / employee newsletters

  • Website design


FOUR: You’ve got a partner who’s committed to seeing you thrive. I am extremely flexible and a dependable resource to have as part of your company - however much you may need support.

There's no need to hire a full-time marketing coordinator.

I can support your existing support staff and help to fill in the gaps. 

Am I the best marketing support person for you?

As a freelance marketing consultant, I have supported domestic and international energy service/engineering/industrial companies as well as solo/entrepreneurs. Several companies across Western Canada and the US, to Russia, UAE and Colombia - employee count ranging from 1 to over 2,500.


My corporate clients have diverse disciplines including, engineers/EPCs, electrical contractors, panel manufacturers, drilling operators, safety consultants, etc. Companies include PTW Energy Services, Terry W. Becker (industrial safety consultant), SIGIT Inc., Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation, PCI Services, Calfrac Well Services, ActivEng Global Solutions, InCom Electric Corp., and more. 


Prior to starting my consultancy, I held progressing roles at Tarpon Energy Services (now PTW Energy) for more than 12 years. I supported more than 30 E&I locations, 2,000+ employees and the executive/business development, safety, quality, engineering and operations teams. I chose to leave my final role as their Marketing Lead to pursue a bigger goal - helping even more companies grow, define their brand and see the results compelling marketing can bring.

Let's Chat

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Let's do this. 

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch with you in the next 24 hours. 23:59..... 23:58.......

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