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Innovative BrainstormingMethod
“Design Thinking is the glue
between all disciplines”

Arne Van Oosterom

Innovative Boardroom & Team Building Meetings

Used by Google X, taught at Stanford: Design Thinking is a method of problem-solving that puts human needs first. It's fast-paced, collaborative and encourages innovation - not your typical boardroom scene.


Amanda Paterson will lead you through an intensely interactive team building activity to guide you through solving nearly any challenge:


  • Enhance client experience

  • Brand identity

  • Business planning 

  • Improve client and employee engagement

  • Filling your social media calendar for 6-12 months

  • Creation of new products and/or services

  • Solving customer service issues

  • Creating employee culture and enhancing internal communication 
  • Hosting the best, most memorable, corporate events
  • Managing massive growth or decline


In as little as 3 hours, you and your team will discover the drivers of your ideal clients, then work together to unlock solutions that are strategically built for that audience.


Let's put Design Thinking to the test. 


InCom Electric - Post-Workshop Video

In 2 hours, InCom's 5 management members analyzed two Ideal Client personas and developed over 80 customer experience and marketing tactics.

This video was created to market their 11th year of operations.

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My Channel

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"Amanda has a unique approach and ability to get people working together as a team." 

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