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  • Amanda Paterson

How Now Brown Cow - a free Teleprompter tool!

Stressed about remembering your next video script? If you're not comfy winging it, give this TELEPROMPTER tool a try!

Thanks to Len Smith's Copywriting Secrets class on Udemy - gave me a few tips :

1) Practice your script at various speeds to find the most natural rhythm

2) Position yourself about 6' away from the prompter and your audience won't be able to tell you're reading

3) Use CAPITAL letters within your script to show words requiring emphasis

4) And three periods ... to cue pauses

5) Speak with passion and use your hands as you naturally would

6) Have fun with it! Your audience can sense when your message is forced - practice as many times as it takes to feel natural and authentic!

Photo Cred goes to Len Smith's Copywriting Secrets.

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