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  • Amanda Paterson

How to Elevate Your Skills (for free)

Want to gain an edge with a particular skill? Maybe you want to deliver a persuasive presentation, learn about personal branding, or how to build a converting landing page.

There are SO many ways to digest content - here are my faves right now:

Every. single. day. you can tune into the website to watch a class for FREE! It's a 'right place at the right time' kind of approach. If you want an on-demand learning environment - CreativeLive often puts their classes on for $19. Sign up for their newsletter to be kept abreast of the deals.

From social media marketing to guitar lessons - Udemy teaches it all! You can almost always score most of their classes for $15 - if you can't find a promo code... just shoot me a line and I'll try to hook you up!

Have some time to binge-learn? LinkedIn Learning offers 7 days free to new users. Great classes and could be an AMAZING perk to offer employees. Support your team by giving them access to learn WHATEVER they wish (and some business courses too).

LOVE HubSpot for all things marketing. Their blog is full of tools, tips, courses and e-books. And it's FREEEEEEE.

Shameless Plug - Paterson Creative's Blog

Just keep on reading! The more I learn, the more you learn. I promise. There are all kinds of goodies in here - from improving your headlines to free teleprompter tools.

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