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  • Amanda Paterson

How to reconnect with dead leads - in 9 words

Reaching out to dead leads may seem like a waste of precious time - but before you throw in the towel, give the '9 Word Email' a try. It might just be the most efficient email you'll ever send.

I first learned about the 9 Word Email from the I Love Marketing podcast - a MUST listen filled with all sorts of genius insights.

How to craft a 9 word email:

1) Round up a list of contacts you haven't had any success reaching

2) For each prospect, write their first name in the subject line (marketing automation software like MailChimp makes this task a bit easier)

3) In the body, write "Are you still thinking about [X]' ... or 'Are you still getting your [X]'.... Are you still going to [X]'...

4) Double check your spelling, click send and await your replies.

This strategy works because of its simplicity. The casual nature of the email makes your contacts feel as though you're speaking directly to them. And the beauty of it all? It's free, and fast. For those who do reply "No", take this as a great opportunity to officially clean up your list.

Guidelines for success:

- Choose the right question. If you have multiple client segments, write multiple emails. The more direct and specific your question is for your ideal client, the higher your response rate will be.

- Do NOT try to sell anything in your question. Simply inquire as to whether they are still in the market for [whatever they were looking for in the first place].

- Prepare your responses. What will you say when someone replies "Yes" to your email? Get it ready so that you're not scrambling to respond. What will you say when someone replies "Considering it. Could you please send me more of your program details?"

- If you really want to get technical, try some A/B testing. Send out 50 emails using one question... Send out 50 more emails using a different question... The email that gets the most responses wins. Contact your remaining leads using this question.

Examples of 9 word emails:

"Do you still need help with your [XYZ] project?"

"Are you still thinking about upgrading to LEDs?"

"Are you still looking for a personal coach?"

"Are you still thinking about renovating your home?"

"Are you still thinking about getting a house cleaner?"

"Are you still hunting for a unique gift?"

"Are you still thinking about buying a vacation property?"

"Do you still want to remove chemicals from your home?" (okay, okay.. that's 10 words - but you get the idea!)

Have you tried it? Leave a comment or drop me a line - I'm excited to hear what you come up with. If you want to dive deeper - take a listen to episode #130 of I Love Marketing.

Want help? Shoot me an email and we can brainstorm your perfect question.

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