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  • Amanda Paterson

Spaghetti Dish Marketing

Crusty spaghetti dishes. We've all been there. We went to bed without doing last night's dishes - and now our plates are covered in dry, impossible-to-remove spaghetti leftovers.

Some of us scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub until the crusty bits loosen. While others take the stack, place it in the sink with some water - and we wait. Crack a beer, and let 3-5 minutes go by, and VOILA - dishes are clear and ready for the dishwasher (who's got time for hand-washing?).

What on Earth does this have to do with marketing?

In today's world of content marketing, client engagement and thought leadership on social media - we need a solid strategy and PATIENCE.

Every blog you write, every photo you post to social, every time you create a free e-book or whitepaper... you are waiting patiently for the dry spaghetti to soak and effortlessly wash away.

It takes a bit of time, but you're building trust with your clients. You're building your online voice and credibility.

And eventually, those plates will be clean... and well.. even more prospects will call you.

I'm not the original creator of this amazing analogy - I first heard it from Joe Polish (I Love Marketing). But, it's stuck with me. Every time I forget to do the dishes... I start thinking of my next great idea.

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