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  • Amanda Paterson

World Class Coaches - At Your Fingertips

Striving to level up in business? Health? Finances? Relationship? Sanity?

Yep, me too.

If you aren't listening to podcasts, you're missing out on some of the world's best coaches, public speakers, teachers, visionaries - and it's all free.


In short, you download an App to your mobile and voila - thousands of Podcasts will be ready for your listening pleasure.

This website explains it all pretty well >


This could quite possibly be the best marketing podcast out there. Joe Polish and Dean Jackson (almost) never disappoint. With interviewees like Peter Diamandis , Victoria Labalme, Dr. Peter Osborne or Kevin Harrington - your time is definitely well spent!

Entertaining and inspiring - Tim's always fun to listen to. Sometimes they can be a bit long, but here are some of my fave episodes:

Covers everything from business, health, investments, creativity, technology and more... So many amazing episodes but here are a few greats:

This is the podcast I recommend to those working in larger organizations - great episodes are:

Achieving 10 times greater results is simpler than achieving 10%. At least, that's what Joe and Dan teach us in this podcast.. My faves:

What are your favourites? Share your favourite podcast shows and episodes in the comments!

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