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  • Amanda Paterson

Need a Solution? Try Design Thinking.

Design Thinking helps to solve your business challenges by unlocking all of your creative juices and getting inside the head's of your audience. This brainstorming method is used by Google X and taught at institutions such as Harvard and Smith School.

At its core, the more you understand about your clients' aspirations, challenges, worries, goals, day-t0-day tasks, daily rituals, consumer behaviours, etc. - the more likely it is you will create a customer experience that is unforgettable.

Design Thinking is a springboard for innovation. A way to begin to truly understand your Ideal Client.

A brief exercise:

Picture your Ideal Client (the physical human, not the company/account). Can you answer these questions:

1) What is the last thing that they will think about before going to bed tonight?

2) What is the first thing that they will think about tomorrow morning?

3) Name 3 places they visited today (not including the office).

4) Who is their most trusted advisor?

5) What might stop them from pursuing your sale?

6) What do they truly value?

Now, what are you going to do with this information?

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