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  • Amanda Paterson

How to Achieve 10x Results

How can my company innovate?

According to Dr. Astro Teller, CEO of X (Google's semi-secret lab responsible for the self-driving car and the Loon, among others), it begins with CHANGING YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

He believes achieving 10x results is easier than incremental 10% improvements. "Moonshots" are projects that are big, seemingly impossible, and poised to disrupt the norm.

But how on earth (or the moon) do we start thinking this way?

Dr. Teller says it starts with creating an environment and a team of people responsible - and ENCOURAGED - to fail. He calls this team - "a group of Peter Pans with PhD's... A team who wears shirts with 'SAFETY THIRD' on them."

It's about changing your perspective, and expecting to fail often.

This short podcast, published by Tim Ferriss, is a must-listen if you want to differentiate -

It's got Design Thinking written all over it, and I've listened to it over and over, and over.

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